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Decoupaged tray

I love fish. Apparently.

The Vertical Houses of Cuenca

look up!

Rumbo al Norte – Day 8: Gaudi’s Whim

So so much better than anything I expected!

Peaches and Pears

snippets of our garden in Ravenna

City slickers

Escaping from the city for the day

Polaroid N1 – La Marta

My constant

Reclaimed Sunday

As I was saying in my previous post, today I unexpectedly found myself with time on my hands. Being a bit less than happy I decide to fix me up with some yummy Sunday lunch. Eggs, bacon, crumpets (crumpets!) ((CRUMPETS!!)) and a nice healthy orange-mandarin-lime… Continue Reading “Reclaimed Sunday”

Flowering succulent

The flowering of an adopted plant that holds so many memories

Orchids. Surprisingly simple.

Every time someone comes over to my mother’s or my house, they look at our orchids, amazed. We have dozens of them, nearly all gifts, untidily arranged on window sills. Some are heavy with their second or third (or more, who remembers?) bloom; others… Continue Reading “Orchids. Surprisingly simple.”