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Poached, fried and scrambled = 3 way eggs!

with an avocado and tomato salad 🙂

Salmon made easy, with 4 different sides!

So light and summery and beautiful!

Salmon Flowers

I really had fun making this – and so many variations are possible!

Scrambled Eggs

the best start to a day

Scrambled eggs with tomato sauce

I had forgotten how good this was!

Savoury waffle tower

spoiler alert: there’s an egg.

Sunday treat

Sundays were made to eat something special.

Last Sunday – the pasta-making day

A great day!

Reclaimed Sunday

As I was saying in my previous post, today I unexpectedly found myself with time on my hands. Being a bit less than happy I decide to fix me up with some yummy Sunday lunch. Eggs, bacon, crumpets (crumpets!) ((CRUMPETS!!)) and a nice healthy orange-mandarin-lime… Continue Reading “Reclaimed Sunday”


As you might have noticed, it’s officially Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. Well, at least in Europe, I’m not sure about everyone else. On Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens of Madrid and it was beautiful. The flowers (yes, there were flowers), the… Continue Reading “Leaves”