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One of my favourite meatball recipes!

Leftover Turkey Soup

One of the many, many things you can do with leftover turkey

Summery stuffed tomatoes

Fun, fresh and zesty. Everyone’s going to love this new recipe!

Paprika Pasta!

A Spanish twist on an Italian favourite

Improvised Strawberry Birthday Cake

This was the easiest cake ever.

Zucchini and walnuts. On pasta, of course!

Creamy richness on a plate

Summer Meatballs

Perfect for your typical 40 degree summer evening in Spain

Four Basil Pesto

My lunch, today

It’s Artichoke Season!

An easy tutorial to jump-start your artichoke dishes!

Pork loin with dried fruit sauce

Trying something new

Potato Risotto

Lots of calories for a very satisfying dish!

Sugo di Carne

i.e., meat sauce.

But not just any meat sauce.

This is the recipe for the best, tastiest, most delicious meat sauce you have ever eaten.

Fish soup on a budget

Easy, quick and cheap. All you need is a bit of forethought!