Zucchini and walnuts. On pasta, of course!

Remember the almond pasta sauce I made? This is similar. But different. And somewhat creamier.


I seem to use white wine a lot. But believe me, it does make a difference.

Slice your zucchini, coarsely break your walnuts, peel the garlic.


Heat a spoonful of olive oil on a non-stick pan and toast the walnuts with the garlic.


They’ll change colour when they’re ready


and when this happens, add the zucchini


When they start to sear, add some white wine, salt and pepper.


Let them cook on medium heat, without burning them. You decided when they’re ready – I like zucchini slightly crunchy, whereas my grandmother would cook them until they resembled a mush. As long as the taste is good!

At the very end, add the basil leaves so they heat up but don’t overcook.


Now we have to put everything in the blender, to make a creamy creamy cream. Get all your ingredients: the zucchini, the ricotta, the parmesan, an extra sprinkle of salt. Remember to leave some zucchini slices and toasted walnuts for the garnish!


Blend. Blend a lot. Turbo blend. Taste for seasoning. Then blend some more.

DSC_4754 copy

And it’s done! Ready to cover your choice of pasta and delight your taste buds!


Remember those zucchini slices! You can cut them up and add a little basil leaf for more show.


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