Paprika Pasta!

So, I have a problem.

(I heard you whisper only one?!)

Fine. I have a few problems. But one of them is that I am allergic to bell peppers and paprika. The problem? That I absolutely love smoked paprika! I go crazy for the smell and, I suppose, the taste.

But I can’t eat it.

So I use it for dishes that I won’t eat. This one, based on the traditional Amatricia, was made for Boyfriend. A Spanish twist on the dish that has become so sadly famous recently.


Simmer the bacon in a non-stick pan.


Add the chopped onion, that will cook in the bacon fat.


Generously sprinkle with paprika.


Sear until there’s no more liquid and everything is starting to become crunchy, and add the tomato sauce.



Lower the heat and cook for about 20 minutes. If it dries out, add half a glass of warm water.


In the meantime, cook your linguine or spaghetti. Toss them in the sauce…….


….and then enjoy! I couldn’t taste it, unfortunately, but Boyfriend said it was very good 🙂


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