Sugo di Carne

i.e., meat sauce.

But not just any meat sauce.

This is the recipe for the best, tastiest, most delicious meat sauce you have ever eaten.


A short explanation of the above photo:

  • some of the meat is raw, freshly bought from the butcher
  • some of it is cooked, leftover bones with some meat from a t-bone steak we had eaten the evening before
  • there are bones (one is a knee bone)
  • the celery and onion are frozen

Chop up the garlic, and, if not already chopped like above, the celery and onion.


Put them in a large, non-stick pot and let them simmer with a tablespoon of olive oil. When it starts to become translucent, add your homemade bouillon cube and let the frying veggies absorb it all


Now, drop in the meat and bones and sear.


When the meat is completely seared, add a glass of red wine and let it reduce


As soon as the wine is reduced, add the diced tomatoes and mix mix mix


Add some pepper and then let it cook for a long, long time on medium heat. How long? As long as it takes for the meat to come off the bones easily when pulled and the tomatoes to be completely disintegrated! Remember to taste for salt!


Now there’s a slightly more boring bit – separating the meat from the bones. Take all the bones out, scraping the sauce off so as not to lose any (!).

Take the meat off the bones, pulling the more tender parts and copping the tougher ones. Take the marrow out of the bones that contained it – it’s the best part!



What I did: I put a quarter of the meat back into the sauce, kept the rest for tortillas and put the bones in a soup I was preparing 🙂

Hey, good news! Your sauce is ready and perfect for a short, ribbed pasta that can absorb as much sauce as possible. Like these gnocchetti sardi!


Not only beautiful but amazingly good, too.

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