Pork loin with dried fruit sauce

I got a bit bored of the milk braised pork loin I always do.

So I looked for another recipe. My mother suggested a dried plum sauce, which sounded great – pity I didn’t have dried plums.

After hearing my mother’s version, looking on internet for a while and seeing what I actually had at home, this is what I came up with.

pork loin

and olive oil, of course

First, prepare your meat. Massage it (yep, massage it) with salt, pepper and then coat it with flour.


Heat a spoonful of olive oil in a non-stick pan and sear the loin on all sides.


When it’s completely seared, add some butter. When the butter has been absorbed by the flour (this will be a quick process!) pour in half a glass of white wine. This will also evaporate quickly – at this point add some meat stock or a homemade bouillon cube and some hot water.


Now your meat is ready to sit and cook for a while. Lower the stove and remember to turn it every so often. Depending on the size, it’ll have to cook anywhere from 30 minutes upwards. This one is for two and cooked about 40 mins.

You can start on the sauce.

Julienne the onion – I used spring onion but red or white onion are also fine. Shallots will probably be great, too. Dice your dried fruit. I used apricots, raisins and cranberries, but the first time I snuck in some dates! What will you use?



Sautee the onions and the dried fruit in a tiny bit of oil (just to stop them from sticking) then add a large glass of red wine and a glass of stock. Let it reduce.


When it has reduced by about half, add half a glass of brandy.


We finished ours….

Let it cook some more.


Your meat is probably ready, isn’t it?


Take it out and let it rest for 5 mins so the juices can spread evenly in the meat. While you wait, pour the dried fruit sauce in the leftover meat juices.



When you’re ready, slice the meat, plate it and cover it with the dried fruit sauce.


I made a side of baked butternut squash. Wild rice is a good idea, too, and mashed potatoes 🙂

pork loin with dried fruit sauce



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