Milk braised pork loin

This is one of my favourite pork loin recipes. I had to look for the name in English, because for us it’s Maiale al Latte (milk pork) and we’ve been eating it all our lives.

Make this recipe when you have time and need something warm and comforting. Make a lot of it, so you can take it to work the next day, either as is or in a sandwich, with some lettuce leaves and Dijon mustard.


Start by simmering the diced bacon and chopped onion in your non-stick pan. You can add a slither of oil to help the onion to cook, but sometimes the bacon’s fat is enough.
While the onion and bacon are cooking, coat the loin with flour, salt and pepper.
Massage it in. Meat loves to be massaged.
When the onion is translucent and the bacon has rendered all its fat, make some room for the loin

At this point in the recipe you can also add some Dijon mustard. I didn’t this time because we simply didn’t have any at home.

Lower the loin into the pan and sear it well on both sides (about 2-4mins per side)
Remember that the flour will start absorbing the oil and the fat and that the bacon and onion are still cooking – if everything becomes too dry, add a tiny bit of white wine. Very little though, we want that loin to be seared beautifully!
When the loin is seared on both sides, add about a glass of white wine. Let it evaporate.
Now, for a generous spoonful of butter. Let it melt and remember to turn the loin so both sides get some goodness.
When the butter is melted, add the bouillon cube and melt it into the butter. Stir, so everything is coated in bouillon cube goo. If you don’t have a bouillon cube, add some stock (about a glass) and wait for it to reduce to about half.

You can find my recipe to make your own bouillon cube here, but beware – once you try it you’ll never go back!

Here’s the loin, happily basking in its tasty juices. Remember to turn it!
Once the bouillon cube has melted completely in the butter, add your two large glasses of milk and watch the magic happen!
Add your herbs. We used sage, lemon thyme and rosemary, but you can try whatever tickles your fancy. I know I’ve mentioned this before but…remember to turn that loin!!

You can also add capers to the milk. I used to, but Boyfriend isn’t very into them so I either add them to my plate (not the same thing at all) or skip them altogether.

Let the loin cook for 40 mins, turning it about every 10. When it’s done, slice the meat, plate it and cover it with the sauce. Serve with potatoes, rice, peas… anything that can absorb some sauce! We decided to serve it with wild rice and peas – what’s your favourite side for Milk Braised Pork Loin?


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