At a certain point in Oslo, my mother made meatballs. And they were great. When I asked what spices she had added, she said “all of them”.

I stared. All of them? Yes. She had eaten these meatballs at a friends house who had given her the same answer, so she tried and….voila! The AllSpice-Meatballs made their debut in our family.

The only difference between mine and hers is the milk and breadcrumb mixture, that makes the meatballs slightly less dietetic but so so much more tender 🙂

I make my own breadcrumbs, by blending old leftover bread that I have at home. This makes for tasty, rustic crumbs that have a whole array of flavours. Perfect for meatballs, cotoletta alla milanese or arancini!


Sometimes people cook the breadcrumbs in the milk, letting it boil for a few minutes. I find this unnecessary and prefer to mix everything cold.

Now for the spices!

These are the ones I put. And yes, it’s “turmeric” and not “tumeric” 😀

The leit motif of this recipe is: Mix Well!

The meat I use is from the butcher. None of that supermarket stuff that has “rice flour”, conservatives or colouring. It’s half beef and half pork and minced twice.

The egg is essential.

When you add the meat-and-egg to the bread-and-milk, you really have to mix so that no lumps of bread are left. What you want to end up with is a seamless blend in which you can’t tell what’s bread and what’s meat.

…like so.

Now roll your meatballs nice and small, so they don’t take too long to cook and don’t dry out. We’re looking for juicy and delicious!

Begin getting ready to cook.

A spoonful of olive oil in a non-stick pan will help the red onion become translucent.

Add some white wine to cool everything off…

…and then delicately sear your meatballs perfectly all the way round

I like these meatballs with couscous, mash or rice, but a lighter side of peas or spinach could also be a good option.

Et voila! Your amazing dinner is served. Remember to drink a glass of red wine and if you’ve made too many you can easily freeze the extra meatballs (before they’re cooked!). Enjoy 🙂

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