Potato Risotto

My Grandmother used to make this.

It’s great comfort food for a cold Autumn or Winter’s evening… but slightly full of carbs. Don’t try it if you’re on a diet 😀


Dice the potatoes and chop the onion


Simmer the onion in a spoonful of olive oil, until translucent


Add the potatoes and stir stir stir! Don’t let them stick but help them absorb all the olivey goodness


Now for your bouillon cube and half a glass of water. You can use your homemade one or you can use stock.


Let the potatoes absorb the liquids…


And when they’re starting to dry up, pour in a glass of white wine


I put tomato paste because I think it’s great. But if you have fresh tomatoes, those will be fine


As the tomato paste melts, remember to add some water if it becomes too dry


Now for some herbs. I put basil, but parsley is also a good combination. Or thyme!


When the potatoes are nearly ready, you can drop in your risotto rice (arborio or carnaroli)



And proceed as per any normal risotto, maybe just skipping the wine part (which we have already put)


Et voila! Some parmesan, if you like it, and we’re done! A bit longer than my other recipes but worth the wait!



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