La Fontana di Trevi

No, it wasn’t like Anita Eckberg’s visit.

But it was spectacular.

I have never been a monument fan, or someone who has to see all the historical points of the city I’m in. But this time, knowing it had just reopened after years of renovation, I decided to go take a look.

It was a good idea.


The fountain was gorgeous. So, so white and so, so clean! The statues that I had seen so many times were smooth and fresh, their muscles supple as if they could burst out of there any second.



I saw details that I had never seen before – the huge crest at the top, the algae, thrown by the horses’ hooves on the walls around the fountain.



There was a horse with sea wings. A sea horse? Led by a very determined-looking merman.


And no, we didn’t throw a coin in the fountain to make sure we’d come back to Rome. Because, well, we’re coming back to Rome for sure. We did, however, watch as dozens and dozens of tourists threw coins – over their left shoulder, as is right, or straight up front, as is wrong – and thought about how happy the charity organisations that have been without all this money for so long were going to be.


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