Fire-Crazed Catalunyians

One day, on the 21st of June, we were coming back home from a day out. We crossed town from the metro station and could immediately smell that something was happening. Yes, smell. And then we heard it. And then, turning the corner, we saw it.

An interesting experience for a photographer.

A nightmare for someone that is scared of fireworks.

They were celebrating the Summer Solstice.

By brandishing sticks loaded with fireworks and firecrackers, and hanging fireworks from trees like curtains for people to stand under, and pointing their fireblasting sticks towards the crowd.

As I said, a nightmare for someone that is scared of fireworks. But, also being someone who loves photography, I held onto my exploding heart and did the best I could.

A few weeks later during San Joan, after five consecutive days of fireworks, I came to the conclusion that Catalunyians are completely fire-crazed. And that I will be spending most of their festivities indoors, watching from the safety of our balcony.

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