Harvey the Larvey

The other day I looked at my beautiful sunflower and my eyes zero-ed in to what appeared to be – on no, it totally WAS a larva. A disgusting, tiny, hairy, creepy crawling larva on my beautiful sunflower! Yikes! I think I actually “yiked” out loud, because if there’s one thing I absolutely can’t stand, it’s larvae. Of ANY sort. Or kind. Or species. Butterflies included!

So I did the only logical thing, and (with a little help from the boyfriend!) coaxed it into a glass and walked toward the window to throw it out. I opened it and…it was freezing. Really cold. And dark. 😦

I put the crawling beast in a jar with a sturdy lid and left him on the table, ready to be chucked out first thing in the morning.

That same evening we watched Harvey, the 1950-something film. Absolutely a must see, incredibly relaxing to watch… by the end of the movie the revolting animal in the jar was being called Harvey the Larvey (same pronunciation of the two words) and a lettuce leaf had been put in the jar with him.

After a few days Harvey the Larvey got an upgraded, bought-specifically-for-him Grand Hotel jar with a mesh lid, soil (to crawl in), a little branch (to crawl up) and his food choice is being carefully evaluated. For now he likes lettuce, spinach and cabbage but not parsley all that much. He’s going to be with us for a while yet, at least until he metamorphosises.

Harvey the Larvey in his new home

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