The best pasta salad (ever)

Pasta salad. It’s one of the best things in summer. I love experimenting, but this one here is one of my – no wait, it’s My Favourite Pasta Salad Recipe. There’s nothing I like more.

And it’s so simple that one photo is more than enough.


Pasta. The best pasta for pasta salad is farfalle. Then, in order: fusilli, penne, conchiglie and tortiglioni. Here you can see I used tortiglioni, just because this was the only pasta I had. But I like farfalle best.

Fresh tomatoes. Fresh, firm ones with little to no liquidy-seedy-insides. If there is a lot of liquidy-seedy-inside, please take it out. There’s nothing worse than a watery sauce in cold pasta salad.

Zucchine. Cooked beforehand, obviously, with a little onion, salt and pepper. Cut them into tiny triangles and cook with a little water. Soft but not mushy!

Onions (see above)

A cured tasty cheese. Pecorino works best. Parmesan is also good. Gouda is an option, but not the best possible one…The cheese has to be firm (no crumbly goat’s cheese) and very very tasty.

Basil. Fresh, from that plant you bought last time, when I told you to.



Olive Oil.

The best pasta salad. EVER.

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