I (heart) Caprese


Originally, Insalata Caprese – salad from Capri – and very popular with Italian expats because it has the three colours of our flag. Apart from being so. incredibly. good.

Because it is! It’s good, it’s light, it’s healthy, it’s beautiful, it’s easy.

And it’s so simple that one photo is more than enough.


Tomatoes. Not those soggy, cheap ones – buy firm, fresh, local ones. Raft are my favourite.

Mozzarella. The best you can find, wherever you are. Mozzarella di Bufala is my favourite. And my mouth is watering right now.

Basil. If you haven’t yet, go out and buy a plant to prop on your windowsill. Don’t buy the chopped up stuff in a plastic bag at the supermarket and don’t use the dried one.



Olive oil.

I heart Caprese.

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