Orange-glazed chicken

This is boyfriend’s recipe. I can’t seem to get lemon glazed chicken right and think it’s too acidic anyway, so one evening he substituted lemon for orange, swirled the recipe a bit and out came a very, very very good dish.

These are the ingredients:

DSC_9419 copy

And this is how we do it:

squeeze one or two oranges
take the breast off the chicken 🙂 Or else you can buy just the breasts, but it’ll cost you more!
chop up the breast.
cover the chunks with salt and pepper
and massage it into the meat
chop the garlic
let it wilt in a spoonful of oil
when the oil is simmering and the garlic is starting to become golden, toss the chicken in the flour (it mustn’t stay coated for too long) and then throw it in the oil to sear (perfectly on all sides. I can hear Gordon’s voice in my head)
sear sear and sear. When the chicken can’t take it any more…
…add a generous helping of white wine and hear the chicken sigh in relief 🙂
when all the wine is absorbed, add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
the juice will blend nicely with the flour and everything will be creamy and delightful. Taste before you serve and adjust salt and pepper!
and it’s done! We served it with a sweet orange and apple salad, but basmati rice is also one of our favourite sides to this great dish!


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