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Leftover chicken soup

Two people can’t finish a whole chicken, but a whole chicken can feed you for up to five meals! This is one way to use your leftover chicken.

3 leftover ingredients to make a whole new dish!

mmmmh….melted cheese……..

Rice with creamy leftover chicken

easy easy and really tasty!

Chicken with mushrooms

one of my favourites!

Midnight snack

aka chicken-egg toast

One Dish Chicken

with veggies (and bacon. shhh)

Leftover turkey soup

I love using leftovers!

Orange-glazed chicken

so so good. so good.

Gordon’s stuffed chicken

I am a fan of Gordon Ramsay. There’s nothing else to say. I love his shows, I love his cooking, I love his attitude, and when I found his Ultimate Cookery Course and watched it. He doesn’t put measures and quantities but hey, improvisation… Continue Reading “Gordon’s stuffed chicken”

The evolution of soup-making

from simple soup to bouillons in no time