3 leftover ingredients to make a whole new dish!

I had some leftover roast chicken. And some leftover onion. And some leftover bacon. And I was craving cheese.

So this is what I did. And what I will do again and again and again!


  • bacon
  • onion
  • pistachios
  • gouda cheese
  • leftover chicken breast
  • dijon mustard
  • cherry or “datterini” tomatoes
  • white wine

Chop up the bacon, onion and pistachios and start sizzling them. They’ll cook with the melting bacon fat so no extra grease is needed.

Once cooked, add a tiny bit of white wine to deepen the flavours and when that has evaporated add the tomatoes, searing them on both sides for about 1 minute or less

Now add the chicken and a little bit of water if you think it’s too dry. Warm the chicken on both sides, about 1-3 minutes each side (depending on how thick your slice is)…

…and when it’s nice and warm, add the slices of cheese and cover the pan so the heat distributes evenly and the cheese melts!

Done! Eat it before the cheese becomes solid again and enjoy 🙂

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