Chicken with mushrooms

This is a really good recipe that needs a medium amount of preparation and that you can serve with a side of peas, potatoes or wild rice.


  • diced chicken
  • diced mushrooms of your choice (I used champignions)
  • diced prosciutto or jamon
  • garlic cloves
  • olive oil, salt, pepper, butter
  • heavy cream
  • thyme

I didn’t coat the chunks of chicken in flour because I wanted to make a lighter sauce. I did, however, keep the chicken marinating with salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic cloves. Marinating meat always makes it better!


In an non-stick pan, drop the chicken and the prosciutto. No need to add any oil, as the chicken has been marinating in it and the fat of the prosciutto will melt.


When the chicken is nicely seared (as below)..


…add the mushrooms


They will start to cook and expel water. Wait until this has evaporated a bit and add half a glass of white wine. It’ll evaporate too, and when it has, add some thyme and butter.



Let the chicken absorb this and add half a glass of heavy cream. Taste for seasoning!


And it’s done! If you’re unsure the chicken is cooked (it really should be, but if you’re nervous..) take the biggest chunk and slice it in half to check if it’s not pink.


Yummy and easy!

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