Leftover turkey soup

I always have leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, and love finding new ways to use it. This recipe will work with leftover chicken, or even pork.

You will need:

  • leftover turkey, chicken, pork…
  • bok choi
  • ginger
  • lime
  • chilli peppers or chilli oil
  • olive oil (or nothing, if you’re using chilli oil)
  • Chinese noodles
  • fresh garlic
  • stock
leftover soup
bok choi, fresh garlic, ginger and chilli peppers

In a non-stick pot, drizzle the olive oil or the chilli oil. When it’s warm but not sizzling, drop in the ginger, chopped up in tiny pieces; the fresh garlic, sliced; the chilli pepper, is you’re not using chilli oil and the leftover chicken. Sear everything for a few minutes taking care that it doesn’t burn, then add as much stock as you want. Let it cook for at least five minutes, then add the noodles and cook for as much as they need (check the packaging). At the end, add the bok choi, turn off the heat and let it rest for five to ten minutes.

leftover turkey soup
Sliced bok choi would make a lovely stamp 🙂 I’ll do that next time, when I’m less hungry!

Pour the soup over one or two lime wedges for an extra layer of flavour.


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