LemonLime pasta

On Masterchef the other day they made seaweed farfalle.

I was like: what?

A) I didn’t realise you could make farfalle with fresh, egg pasta.

B) I didn’t realise you could put stuff into the dough and change the pasta’s taste.

I mean, of course I’ve eaten black cuttlefish ink pasta, and I’ve eaten spinach pasta, and I’ve eaten red beet pasta, but it had never clicked in my mind that I could do it, and so simply, too!

So I opened the fridge and the cupboards and looked inside. What could I make!?

In the end, I decided to make a lemonlime pasta with salmon. It was a good decision.


Do you know how to make pasta? If not, I have a post for that. The only difference here is that I added lemon and lime zest – one lemon and one lime for two eggs of dough.


Making the actual farfalle (butterfly, in Italian) was easier than I thought. The only thing to remember is that the dough tends to dry out and won’t stick unless you dip your fingers in water and moisten the little rectangles in the middle before you pinch them.

I didn’t re-roll the leftover ribbons of dough (can you see them in the previous photo, up there in the top left corner?). They felt too dry, and we had more than enough farfalle. Instead I let them dry out completely and used them a few days later with a zucchini prawn sauce.


The farfalle will take longer than tagliatelle or ravioli to cook, because of their pinched middle. I suggest you throw them in boiling water and watch them bubble up, then wait two more minutes and taste one. We let them boil for about four minutes, strained them and then mixed in the salmon sauce. No one complained 😉

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