Pimping up my biscuits

Friday I decided to make some chocolate-covered strawberries. I made them with a wonderful 60% dark Tanzania gourmet chocolate that my friend Katie sent me (thank you by the way, it was purrrfect) and then spruced them up using three toppings: almonds, sugar hearts and chocolate chips.


The only decent photo of the strawberries, with the different toppings in the background

When I finished the strawberries (by the by, the chocolate chip topping on smaller strawberries does not work, unless you want your delicate romantic dessert to look like an angry goth dessert) I found myself with quite a lot of leftover melted chocolate. I immediately thought “I’ll EAT IT!” but then stopped my greedy little hands for a second and wondered what I could do with it instead of just goffing it down (I just invented that verb, but it does give the right idea, right? Like scoffing but more greedily). Then it came to me: those awful, boring, tasteless biscuits! YES! I would pimp my biscuits!

The boring and overall tasteless biscuits before the pimp-up
Spreading the last of the amazing chocolate
Sprinkling with love…
..et voliá! MUCH yummier and incredibly easy to do 🙂


Hey, they were good. And easy. Success!

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