An unexpected treasure

A few weeks ago as we were strolling in Valencia, the day before the encounter with the JellyFish(er)-man, my boyfriend and I found a box full of treasures. Not all of them were treasures for us, so we left a handful of objects for the next passer-by. This, however, is what we took home:

  • A paella pan, fundamental for living the life in Spain (all respectable grandmothers make paella on Sundays, like all respectable grandmothers make lasagna on Sundays in Italy, and it makes for quality small-talk with the nans at the Saturday market). We’ve already used it twice and are very proud of the outcome.


  • A statue of two toreros kissing….DSC_0090
    (I particularly like this photo)….and groping (yes, they’re touching each other)DSC_0093


  • A rainbow-coloured gay bull..DSC_0097
  • And a wonderful, amazing, incredible pirate-like treasure of a book. In which I talk about in my other blog, in this post. You knew I had another blog, right?DSC_0083

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