Beef Vladimir

Beef Vladimir is my take on the classic Beef Stroganoff. Not because I’m a genius or anything, but because the recipe I use is quite different from the original, however not so much as to require a completely different name. Let’s think of this dish as a subspecies of Beef Stroganoff.

I forgot to put the olive oil and the broth in this photo!

So, the champignon are in the above photo, but boyfriend doesn’t like them so I made them separately (see here). If you do want to include them in the recipe, all you have to do is sautée them after the onion and before the meat. Everything else is the same!

I use the cheapest beef I can find, with the smallest amount of fat and tendons as possible. The I chop it up, in strips, with the onion, and add sesame oil, red wine (about 1 glass), pepper, mustard. I mix it up and let it marinate for as long as one hour.

Always taste the wine before you put it in the food..I made a seafood risotto with vinegar once and had to throw it :/

When you feel like cooking, get a very very good pan (it MUST be non-stick!) and put a dab of olive oil. Coat the marinated meat and onion with flour and, as soon as the oil is hot, dump it in the pan and sear.

I used spring onion, but any onion will do.

Let it cook until it’s golden.


As soon as it’s done, add the warm/hot broth


…after about 30mins, the flavours should be nicely blended and your Beef Vladimir should be ready to eat!

I serve it with rice pilaf, not with “noodles” (like the classic beef stroganoff should be) because… I’m Italian, and pasta as a side make my skin crawl.
et voilà!

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