A satellite dish (to the Autumnal Risotto)

Two evenings ago when I started making the Autumnal Risotto, featured in this post, something came up and I had to abandon the dish half made.Luckily I hadn’t put the rice in, so it was only a matter of chucking the sausage and squash in the fridge and starting again from that point the next day.

When the emergency was over, it was very late and I couldn’t cope with warming the sauce and cooking risotto – I wanted a quick, easy pasta. So while the water in the pan was starting to boil, waiting for the pasta, I cut some leftover raw pumpkin (otherwise known as butternut squash but a total synonym in my head, see the risotto post) in slithers (to promote fast cooking) and put it in a teeny pot with broth and milk. It started simmering, and I chopped up some onion and fried it with bacon. When that was ready I added the cooked pumpkin to let the tastes mingle. In the meantime, the water was boiling so I dropped the pasta in.

The bacon and onion making friend with the butternut squash

And then, the pumpkin not being creamy enough, I added …you got it. Cream.

mmmh… creaminess.

I checked the sauce for salt, added some pepper but no cinnamon this time! I don’t feel pasta with cinnamon….there’s something wrong with that. No idea why.

Ah! The pasta’s ready! Don’t let it overcook, al dente is how you want it 😉

Done! Don’t forget the parmesan!

Et voilà! Sautée the pasta in the sauce and eat it before it becomes cold!

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