Easy and quick

Sometimes, it’s the best way.
The other evening I spent about an hour preparing farofias, a thick, sweet, luxurious Portuguese dessert of which a post will be published as soon as I get the photos. I yearned for farofias ever since I discovered them around the end of my year in Evora, Portugal. I had thought of making them many times, checked the recipe, found setbacks, postponed. It was a rewarding evening and I was thrilled to be free of my craving. One the whole a great evening.

But sometimes it’s the quick and easy that reward you just as much: chop up a few strawberries, add sugar and any liquor you prefer (I am personally currently in love with a sugar-cane-rum-thing that is just divine), whip up some Greek yoghurt with (ah ehm) sugar (I have a sweet tooth and am not afraid to admit it), crumble plain biscuits, then layer. In this order. Or any other, as you wish. It doesn’t really matter, see, because the textures and the tastes are so different yet complimentary that in whatever order you put them into your mouth, they’re perfect. Sometimes, in season, I add a little bit of mint leaves to spice the whole thing up. I’ve seen them with whipped cream instead of yoghurt, but I think the feel is too light, too fluffy for this plate.
The end result? Scrumptious. Maybe more so because of how easy it is to prepare. You can judge the visual effect.

Easy and quick

Easy and quick…just like this post!

2 Comments on “Easy and quick

  1. Ha! “You can judsge the visual effect”! Ha! Come se questo bastasse! Dovrebbe essere ‘inviabile’ per posta 😛


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