A day at the beach

Valencia, Spain. One very particular day at the beach.

Going towards La Albufera we got lost and our wonderful navigator took us …through rice paddies.


What a sight! Green, lush vegetation simply full of life

You’ve got to love my camera – this egret flew by on the other side of the car while we were driving. And it’s a great shot!








Fishing on the canal
Tiny fishing boats at El Palmar

Finally we found a larger road, slid onto it and spotted a sign pointing out a beach. We followed a dirt road, parked when it finished and walked towards the Mediterranean sea. We settled on a huge beach, stretching as far as the eye could see, with crystal-clear water and very few people. Some of the curiosities of this beach included: zillions of dragonflies that landed anywhere (head, nose, knees and feet included); a man that had his own peculiar way of dealing with the annoying jellyfish that wanted to share the water with us; a couple having a chic lunch, wine glasses included.

Dragonflies. Everywhere.
The beach




A thick gelatinous blob of melting jellyfish

See? Crystal clear!

Quite cool, don’t you agree?
Seriously everywhere!

Fine dining

Yours truly

And then, just before we set off for Madrid we stopped at El Palmar for a snack. The tiny village was half closed because of a marathon but we found a “bar restaurante” on the outskirts. It was 17:15 and we walked in, our confidence boosted by two tables full of locals drinking. When we asked if they were open the answer was yes, but only for drinks. The kitchen was closed and they had nothing to eat.

“Nothing?” I asked. “Nada de nada de nada??” I stressed

“Well, ” answered the man “I might manage to get you something…”

Tinto de verano, beer, bread fried in olive oil, pescadito (fried fish) and clotxina (‘mussels’ in Valencian)
One of the cloxtinas had a surprise in it!


If this is Valencian for “nothing”, I’d like more of nothing, please.




4 Comments on “A day at the beach

  1. L’ultima volta che il GPS ha sbagliato strada mi sono ritrovata nel quartiere piu’ dodgy di Palermo. Di sicuro un’avventura ma non piacevole quanto la tua!
    Grazie di aver condiviso questa tua bellissima giornata anche se ero quasi sul punto di svenire quando ho visto quel ben di dio che avete mangiato. I colori sono superbi and I do love your camera! BTW, which camera do you use?


    • Grazie dei complimenti! Sto imparando ad usare di piu questo blog… Uso una Nikon D5000. Un po’ vecchiotta ma sempre fedele! 🙂


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