Secret Sunday followup

Remember that day when I was obsessed with all things Indian because I was about to attend a Secret Sunday dinner?

It was great. Hosted in a very large, old house in the centre of Madrid, there were about 25 people (!) and one incredible Indian guy that cooked for everyone. I’m not sure what I ate, but it was really quite good (and I’m not a fan of Indian food!). We had a little crunchy tortilla-like-bread-slices (popadom?) made with chick peas and with a tomato-onion topping as starters, together with these large round bread-like things – fried on the outside but nice and soft on the inside. (note: I’ve been told what they were: potato patties, or Batata vada!) With a much-too-spicy-for-me sauce to put on top. Then we had a platters with veggies and rice (it was a vegetarian night) which was simple but good (and filling) and, my favourite, the dessert. Ice cream with mango sauce. mmmmmmmh mango!

The food was really good but the best thing was meeting new people. I do like meeting new people 🙂

Here are some photos… I can’t wait for the next one!

The suspected popadom
the food, as yet unassembled
Ready to serve!
The other starter, being fried
The group
The cook
The official Food Fairy. Invite her to your meal and she’ll bring good luck!
The happy boyfriend
Yours truly 🙂
The official and the unofficial photographers of the evening
Our favourite!
The great dessert. Notice the colours of the little spoons….

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