Rumbo al Norte – Day 7

Asturias is much better than what we expected.

Basically because we had no expectations.

Asturias is cows and milk and heavenly whipped cream.



Asturias is good food (why did no one tell us this before?!) with huge portions.

Asturias is colour and friendly people and not always rain.

Asturias is mountains and ocean and nothing in between.

A lighthouse on a mountain. Why? Because the ocean is 500m down a cliff.
Looking up at the lighthouse


Asturias is apples and sidra and very strict rules for drinking it.

Asturias is animals: there are many now (bears and wolves and otters) and there were many in the past (dinosaurs!).



Asturias is (curious) sheep and cheese and meat and fish all mixed and matched and perfectly combined.

Asturias is history and modern art living side by side.



Asturias is a place I’d love to come back to. Have you been here already? What exactly are you waiting for?


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