Palacio Longoria – finally, after three years…

The first time I saw it I was strolling around Chueca, a neighbourhood splat in the center of Madrid, when suddenly I looked up and there it was.


I guess it was a Sunday, because it was closed and I don’t remember trying to get in – just taking photos and being in awe.


Then, I passed by again. It’s a great little street, right behind my favourite metro station and in front of a cactus shop. This time, it was open, so I walked in and asked if I could look around.


As I was being unceremoniously but still politely kicked out, the guard told me that, once a year, the house would open to “commoners” and I could visit it.


Maybe a year later I’m back. I had completely forgot about the “once a year” deal and asked the guard – was it the same man? Who knows – when exactly it would be open. A week ago, he replied. I grumbled and left.


This year, three years later, I finally managed not only to casually fall upon a leaflet that publicised “Open House Madrid“, the architectural event that lets people in interesting buildings all around Madrid, but also to be free on the morning in which Palacio Longoria was to open.


The house was scheduled to open at 11:00 and, as usual, I got there way too early. At 10 to 10. To my surprise, there was a queue already. About five people. I stood behind them and chatted, and was suddenly told that those five people were actually the queue-holders for groups of other people that would have joined them…….. which would have been irrelevant if the house had not accepted only 20 people per tour. Yikes!


In the end, I was in the third group and managed to get in at 12:00. And boy was it worth it! Although this is my first post on Palacio Longoria, if you check this section out I’ll be adding more throughout next week. And the photos came out quite well I must say! Enjoy 🙂



About Full Of Daisies

I am permanently in love. Things I like: purple, pasta, silk, autumn, the smell of mould, candles, cachi, having friends, water, new things, rice, eggs (all eggs!), fresh grass, olive trees, shiny things, glitter, hanging objects, windcatchers, wind, couscous, wasabi, carnivores, presents, snow, leaves, orchids, feathers, cappelletti, meat, fruit (all fruit), more del gelso (Morus alba L.), pigs, candles, christmas, polenta fritta!, separating egg whites from yokes in my hands, cartoons, dragons, the ocean, nudibranchi, cows, mercury (the metal), cosmos (the flowers), thunderstorms, Mika, turtles, acquariums, green and blue (mixed), siccamores, spring, snails, 24, porc with a sweet sauce (apple, cranberry, tomatoes jam), looking at a swimming pool upsidedown and underwater, english accent, open-minded people, driving, blue skies, checkered tablecloths, butterflies, books and cartoons in rhyme, painting eggs, the star-shadows that football players have, silver, laughing, Vivaldi, bells and chimes, white and purple, creating. Complete Happiness: Early morning. Sun, with a breeze; a pond with water lilies. A house, with a garden, full of plants. A vegetable patch, lemon, orange and mandarin trees. Cosmos everywhere. Birds in the trees; a tortoise eating the salad from the vegetable patch; a mammal (I couldn’t decide which one would make me happier) close by. No houses for as far as the eye can see. Me, a man that loves me and that I love. Friends coming over for a lunch that I have to prepare, and have all the ingredients for all ready in the kitchen.

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