Ladybird charms

I´ve made these little charms for a few friends now and they´re really popular, so I thought I´d write a post about how easy it is do make something cheap, cute and appreciated.

It´s very easy, in case you were wondering.

What you need is:

  • a paintbrush
  • paint (acrylic)
  • little transparent glass nuggets/pebbles, used for home decoration and cut flowers. They have to be flat on one side (so not marbles)
  • some base material – tissue paper, construction paper, felt…anything really.
  • glue (UHU is good)
  • time (for the paint to dry)

Here goes!


the easy-peasy instructions


done! here they are… cute, huh?

After the paint has completely dried, you can add a tiny spot of glue and then gently stick on a previously cut base material, pressing but not letting it slide (so the paint doesn´t accidentally slip off the glass). This is more for the protection of the paint than anything else.

Lady bird charms made with little glass pebbles and a tiny bit of paint. I'm not sure an easier craft exists, and it's definitely a lovely gift!

you can slightly see the green tissue base material peeking out from under the ladybirds here

So, really easy, wasn´t it?

If you do make some of these, let me know in the comments if you have any advice or feedback..or photos!

Happy creating!


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  1. I didn’t make them, but happily glued them all over the house, as you well know. THANK YOU! :*


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