Mr & Mrs

For my favourite male cousin, who got married last year, I made two mugs.

this is them. Aw.
These are the mugs. One says “Mr.” and one says “Mrs.”

There’s this little store in the centre of Madrid that gives you the coarse ceramic object, the paint and the time; you paint, leave it there and they bake the object for you. I love it.

The date of the wedding is on the handle of both

I’m quite proud of the way these two mugs came out, and the fact that they are so personalised. I sure hope the happy couple (who is now expecting their first baby!) use them often enough to remember me 🙂

And there’s a heart on the inside, with a swipe of red. Just a little hint of colour!

Although they’re not for sale in my Etsy shop, if you like them and would like your own (as a present or for yourself) drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do!

Under each mug there’s the name of the bride (on “Mrs.”) and groom (on “Mr.”) and of course, my name too!

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