A birthday is nothing without…

Presents, cards, flowers and balloons. And cake. Lots of cake.

The present. The cake. The flowers.
The present. The cake. The flowers.
And the balloons.
I do love balloons.
The card. Ok, I got sent only one card. From the gym. And I love receiving cards, so I was a bit disappointed. Let’s not dwell!
Instangrammed flowers.
A huge (instangram photo) card depicting my new age that I saw but did not buy myself. It wouldn’t have been elegant to buy myself a card.
Instangrammed balloons. I chose the colours.
2014-03-06 15.04.39
The cake, at the Botanical Gardens. I do love me some Devil’s food! My oh my!

Happy Birthday to me!

5 Comments on “A birthday is nothing without…

    • Mi sarebbe piaciuto tanto, ma cosa avrei dovuto fare, mandarti un’email dicendo “e’ quasi il mio compleanno, attivati?!” 😀 A questo punto mi sa che l’anno prossimo mi sa che lo faro’! Il tuo quand’e’?


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