Belated Springtime Swap update!


QUITE a while ago I participated in a marvellous Springtime Swap, or May Day Swap. I didn’t include my gift in the post in which I wrote about it because I didn’t want to ruin the receiver’s surprise, but then… completely forgot! So here is the very belated post on the Springtime Swap present I made.

I got a few snails (I love snails, and they’re so… balanced.. so.. golden ratio…), collected (already dead, in case someone’s wondering) in the South of Portugal, and painted them purple with white stripes. Because I like purple. 16, because it’s my second favourite number, and 24 of them (my absolute favourite number) didn’t fit in the jar. I had some stones lying around the house. I chose 9 flat, smooth stones that I had collected in a Spanish stream (stability, strength). And some cherimoya seeds. Anyone familiar with the cherimoya fruit? I ate one, once. And kept the seeds.


And then I got inspired. Can you “get inspired”? Maybe I “became inspired”. You get the gist. So the stones were painted white, for truth, and on them I glued a little glitter heart, for love. You can’t be without love! The 6 cherimoya seeds (growth) were painted teal, because the name of that colour is just gorgeous, and also it’s a good mix between green (life) and blue (peace). The inside of the snails became red (passion, of course).


And then what did I do? Well, put everything in the jar, with some handmade nesting material (home), decorated it with leaves and beads (nature and our connection to the Earth), turned it upside-down (fun, surprises, a pinch of insanity) and sent it to Antonella, with a long, detailed description of what she was receiving! 🙂


The card in the following photo was painted by me, then photographed and written on for the occasion. I loved making this little jar full of thoughts and good wishes!

Foto di Antonella Guaraccino 🙂

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