Valentine’s Craft

A while ago I thought about sending something nice to my mother for Valentine’s. I looked around and found this easy craft project… that of course I managed to make more complicated by adding two layers of decoupage and various accessories (glitter, pearls..) Still. They took about an afternoon to make and on the whole were a very satisfying project!

Heart shaped bookmarks

You need the above. The cool thing is, you cut out the heart shaped bookmarks from corners of envelopes. Easy, quick, inexpensive!
The layers. On the right, in white, is the cut-out envelope corner, ready to become a bookmark. Anti-clockwise is the napkin layer, and again anti-clockwise is the tissue background layer.
Done! (awful photo, I know). Notice the glitter on the daisies and the pearls on the lower left bookmark. I like them..
…do you? Which is your favourite?

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