Making nailpolish flowers

This is what I saw in my friend’s house

Metal wire and nail polish.

So I bought some.

And while I was watching television with the boyfriend I made some nail polish flowers.

They’re not as straightforward as they seem, but once you get the hang of it, everything is much easier!

Some tips:

  • Keep the petals small. If they’re too wide, the nail polish won’t be strong enough to spread over the empty space
  • Put a sheet of paper to protect whatever is under the flowers you’re making. The nail polish will drip, even if only at the third flower you make when you’ve decided the paper was useless because they don’t drip.
  • Don’t wear nail polish. The one you’re using for the flowers will get all over your fingers and you’ll have to take it away with nail polish remover.. You get the idea

Experiment with other colours and you can make leaves, to!

Have fun 😊🌸

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