Mirror mirror…

A few years ago I discovered, thanks to my mother, the art of découpage.

Then, a while later, I discovered the incredibly cheap IKEA mirrors.

And put two and two together. These are the results up to now…what do you think?

This is the last one I made, mixing découpage, paint and a special marker that I had to outline the figures
One of my favourites, with agapantus, nerine and little shiny beads
Wrong focus, cute photo 😀
So, this photo didn’t come out as planned. The flowers are outlined by the same marker as the mirror in the first photo and the green shiny stuff is actually perfectly normal-coloured glitter. I love glitter.
xmas (5)
Very garden-y. I like the black background with the large hydrangeas.
xmas (12)
My absolute favourite and the only one I couldn’t part with!
xmas (16)
This one reminds me of a Mordillo puzzle!

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