Octopus Quinoa

On the same night I made the salmon flowers and the seafood bisque (you can see them both here) I kept on thinking we didn’t have enough to eat. So while the bisque was boiling and the flowers were baking, I also made an octopus quinoa. Just because. And this recipe was completely improvised!

First, slice and dice the zucchini and mince the garlic. Sizzle the garlic in olive oil and shortly after add the quinoa so it soaks in some of the juices before adding the fish stock.

Now, wait for the quinoa to be completely cooked. Add stock as needed, but don’t let it become soup!

A few minutes before you think it’s ready, add the zucchini sliced so thin they’ll take a few minutes to cook and absorb the goodness.

I used canned octopus because here in Spain it’s really quite decent. But you can choose any kind of product, even cook it yourself – as long as you cook it beforehand and add it to the quinoa already done.

Take the quinoa off the heat, plate and add crushed pistachios. Et voila! It’s great even lukewarm or cold on a hot summer picnic day at the beach!

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