Anchovies, Caper Berries and Cherry Tomatoes….oh my!

When I lived in Eritrea I remember walking in, hungry, on our cleaner, cooking in the kitchen. It smelt incredible. She made me a plate, and it tasted even better.

It was spaghetti with anchovies, garlic, breadcrumbs. And that’s it. My mother laughed when she heard how much I had liked it – it was so simple!

Ever since, this has been one of my go-to comfort foods (after scrambled eggs and pasta with butter and parmesan, of course). I’ve improved it somewhat, however. Here is the recipe, with the most atrocious photos (I sincerely have no idea why they came out so badly)


Sizzle the garlic with some olive oil in a seriously non-stick pan. Add the anchovies.


The anchovies will start to disintegrate


Now add the cherry tomatoes, sliced


When they’re hot and frying, add the slices of caper berries. I love caper berries, and imho they’re less aggressive than capers buds and give that extra crunch that is always appreciated


when everything is mixed and cooked (not soggy!) add the breadcrumbs and parsley, stir well for about a minute and remove from the heat


Strain the pasta and add it to your sauce…


Et voila! Done. Are you ready to taste one of my favourite pastas?!


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