I wanted to make a strawberry sauce for a dinner in which I offered cream icecream and toppings. But couldn’t be bothered cooking it. So this is what I ended up doing.


Wash your fresh strawberries in cold water and pat them dry. Right now here in Madrid (Spain) we only have huge strawberries, that are aptly named fresón.




I wasn’t convinced about the cardamom that some recipes said would be nice with the strawberries. So after I ground it (with my very own teeny tiny wooden mortar) I tasted a sprinkle of cardamom with a piece of strawberry…and it was good. Try it. You won’t go back!

strawberry coulis
the ground cardamom





Now mix everything really well and let it rest, in the fridge, at least one hour. More, if you can.

When it’s done and nicely macerated (the lime and alcohol will do that) you can either serve as is or give it a few whirrs with the blender. I did, but only a few so that there would still be chunks of strawberry and it didn’t turn into a smoothie!

Now you can either:

  • just eat it
  • mix it with your plain, unsweetened greek yoghurt
  • serve it with a simple cream or vanilla ice cream
  • pour it over your homemade cheesecake (as per following photo)


How easy was that?

Recipe for this aesthetically dubious but incredibly good no bake cheesecake coming to this blog on Sunday!

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