Paula’s traditional Lithuanian apple cake

The other day two things happened.

First, this happened:

I had an array of old, old apples. Not quite mushy yet, but oh so very nearly. And not at all inviting to simply…eat. I say array because I had a granny smith (i.e. a “real” green apple), a red apple and another one that I had bought believing it was a green granny smith but actually wasn’t. It was like a mix between a yellow and green one. Having learnt at uni that there are more than 7000 varieties of apples, I guess the one I had was one of them.

So having all these apples that weren’t in peak condition, I decided to make a pie. Easy, fast, yummy. The only thing I needed was puff pastry. I went out to buy it but somehow, either going towards the supermarket or once there, I managed to completely forget and remember this great plan later that Saturday evening when all shops, even in Spain, were closed. Sigh.

Then this happened:

A fellow female blogger (bloggess?) called Paula commented on one of my posts and off I went to check out her blog. Among other interesting things, she had this different and interesting looking recipe for an apple cake. That didn’t need puff pastry. Too much of a coincidence.

I checked and I had everything I needed, so here’s what I did. You’re going to like this: for once I even have all the grams and numbers and stuff. Incredible right?!

DSC_9207 copy

flour 110 grs

butter 150 grs

sugar 60 grs

baking powder 11 grs

vanilla extract (unless it’s already in your sugar)

a pinch of salt

cinnamon to taste

apples. Paula used 4, but I had only 3.

eggs 3

Dice the apples. Paula left the skin on – I peeled half of them and left the other half. In the end, the skin gave a nice texture to the cake when you bit into its softness…I’ll probably not peel them next time.
Add the flour, cinnamon and a pinch of salt to the apples
toss well
melt the butter on a low fire
stir in the sugar and vanilla extract until completely melted. I had to use brown sugar and icing sugar because I didn’t have enough of the icing one. The cake didn’t seem to mind.
remove from the fire
add to the apples and mix very, very well.
add the baking powder to the eggs, beat lightly and add to the apple-butter mix. blend well.
pour the batter into a non-stick pan with oven paper – here I’m using recyclable “paper” so that’s why it looks awful, but the paper is great because you can just wash it and use it again!

Did you preheat the oven? Well, you can always do that now. It needs to be at 170^C.

bake at 170^C for 30-35mins, or until a toothpick inserted in the centre comes out clean and dry
the recyclable baking paper actually gave the cake a nice outline, don’t you think?
et voila! I loved this cake and honestly it was really easy to make…

…so thank you Paula! Your recipe was greatly appreciated and will definitely be used again and again and again!


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