Our Insect Hotel

Honestly, I thought this activity, organised to celebrate World Environment Day, would have been easier. But no! We started off scanning the pine forest around the house in the Delta del Llobregat (read more about our outing here), found a few interesting critters that the guide told us all about, gathered material for the hotel and then went back and actually had to build it from scratch! With pieces of wood and screws and all that. The end result, however, was fantastic. Not even the best architects could have done better 😉

Delta del Llobregat
a beautiful little cockroach. There are many species, but this one is incredibly elegant!
Delta del Llobregat
a harvestman, scuttling away after we looked at him. Can you see the little critter?
Delta del Llobregat
Boyfriend’s favourite: a tiny praying mantis!
Delta del Llobregat praying mantis
and another one, green this time. So fast, too!
insect hotel Delta del Llobregat
material for the insect hotel
woodlice Delta del Llobregat
This woodlouse was super interesting! Did you know that it’s the only completely terrestrial crustacean? I did, but having one so close made me realise that I like these more than I thought. People keep them as pets……could there be some potential here?
insect house hotel Delta del Llobregat
And finally, our insect hotel! With places that will hopefully host butterflies, ladybugs, solitary bees and wasps and jumping spiders. Now we know how to make one for our future house with a garden!

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