Nope, not the one in the US. But I’ll tag “fresno” so maybe I get more views. You know.

Fresno del Torote is our own little ghost village. Built in the 1400s, it was basically a seasonal settlement for workers hired by the local land owner (feudal lord, hacienda master or whatever he was). They lived there when they were needed, then had to vacate the premises when their “contract” (or whatever it was) ended. And then, when the age of modern machines arrived, there was no demand to hire so many workers. They probably had their own houses anyway.

This was not the first time I visited Fresno. But I only just realised that I haven’t posted the other photos. So my second trip is going to be the first one I post.

Can you tell it’s saturday and I woke up tired?

This time, I took Mia, a dog we have been taking care of during the summer while her owner prepares for her arrival in the US. My aim was to bird watch, but with Mia hysterically trying to catch everything that moved, it was impossible.

fresno del torote swallow
The only birds I managed to see and photograph were these pretty swallows. I saw more in the car driving by than with Mia!
fresno del torote
All except one house and one barn are abandoned or in ruins
ant rabbit carcass fresno del torote
These busy ants were, slowly but surely, taking every part of a dead rabbit to their nest


fresno del torote
A rabbit, watching hysterical Mia from a safe distance

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