A Walk in the Delta of the Llobregat

So, we’ve moved to Barcellona. And last Saturday Boyfriend’s company organised a “Walk in the Woods” kind of activity for World Environment Day, that is held every year on the 5th of June.

We went to the Delta of the Llobregat, a river that runs to the left of Barcellona and right next to our house. We arrived really early (too early, my fault!) and so before the others turned up we went for a walk. This is the first post, but stay tuned because more photos and some interesting facts (why are pine trees so tall? How do you make an insect hotel?) will be published on this blog in the upcoming days!

Delta del Llobregat
Our first view of the delta
delta del llobregat
there were loads of wild flowers
delta del llobregat
wild oats – we were later shown how these seeds react to water by twisting. This movement helps them plant themselves into the soil when it rains! A very cool experiment to show children (and adults 😉 )
delta del llobregat
Horses kept wild in some areas of the park – Caballos del Maresme – to graze on plants and avoid over-vegetation so that the fauna can have a better environment to live in
delta del llobregat european serin bird
A European Serin – there were many many birds in the park but this one was the cutest (and the best photo I managed to take. Maybe it’s time to change my zoom lens….)
delta del llobregat
The strangest feature of the park was that it was created when the airport was built…less than 1 km away! The loud noise of planes taking off every minute was incredibly annoying at first, but by the time we left we had all gotten used to it!
delta del llobregat
The river Llobregat
delta del Llobregat
Wild plants



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