Throwback Thursday…

…to when we had dinner with Franco.

Or as close as “with Franco” as we could.

Not that we like Franco, or Francoism, or Fascism. But ever since I came to Spain and discovered how much of a taboo the whole topic is, I’ve been fascinated by his legacy. (here is one example) The wound Franco left in Spain is still healing and it’s really difficult to find someone that openly declared their support of his regime. So when, coming back from a trip to Almeria, I realised that we’d be driving right by Casa Pepe, we stopped there for dinner.

Casa Pepe is in this random place called Despeñaperros, which literally means “where dogs plunge” is the place in which the road crosses a steep gorge with cliffs more than 500m high. And, to the side of the road, there’s Casa Pepe.

The walls were thick with photos of Franco, autographed pictures of Spanish actors and actresses.

There were bulls’ heads that stared at us with beady eyes.

Bottles and bottles and bottles of wine whose labels were clearly all publicising the same political inclination.




The food, that was really good. Olives, of a variety I’ve never seen before. Paté, thick and creamy and perfectly seasoned. Pork loin, cured in pork fat. (yes, you’ve read that right)





Slowly we realised that the plates were lined with the Spanish flag and the eagle was proudly drawn on every one of them, the words “una, grande, libre” – one of Franco’s mottos – entwined in its wings.




It was an experience. One that I recommend. Apart from the food, which was yummy, the atmosphere was….unique.


About Full Of Daisies

I am permanently in love. Things I like: purple, pasta, silk, autumn, the smell of mould, candles, cachi, having friends, water, new things, rice, eggs (all eggs!), fresh grass, olive trees, shiny things, glitter, hanging objects, windcatchers, wind, couscous, wasabi, carnivores, presents, snow, leaves, orchids, feathers, cappelletti, meat, fruit (all fruit), more del gelso (Morus alba L.), pigs, candles, christmas, polenta fritta!, separating egg whites from yokes in my hands, cartoons, dragons, the ocean, nudibranchi, cows, mercury (the metal), cosmos (the flowers), thunderstorms, Mika, turtles, acquariums, green and blue (mixed), siccamores, spring, snails, 24, porc with a sweet sauce (apple, cranberry, tomatoes jam), looking at a swimming pool upsidedown and underwater, english accent, open-minded people, driving, blue skies, checkered tablecloths, butterflies, books and cartoons in rhyme, painting eggs, the star-shadows that football players have, silver, laughing, Vivaldi, bells and chimes, white and purple, creating. Complete Happiness: Early morning. Sun, with a breeze; a pond with water lilies. A house, with a garden, full of plants. A vegetable patch, lemon, orange and mandarin trees. Cosmos everywhere. Birds in the trees; a tortoise eating the salad from the vegetable patch; a mammal (I couldn’t decide which one would make me happier) close by. No houses for as far as the eye can see. Me, a man that loves me and that I love. Friends coming over for a lunch that I have to prepare, and have all the ingredients for all ready in the kitchen.

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