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Travelling around Spain

The Vertical Houses of Cuenca

look up!

Looking for the Houses

I saw some beautiful things on my way there

The River

There’s a photo of a sexy fisherman in this post. Come on….come see!

The Colourful Houses of Cuenca

Why aren’t these in any magazine?

The Hanging Houses of Cuenca

nothing of what, honestly

Dinner in Cuenca

And what a dinner!


(no, not that one)

Horseriding in Madrid

This probably isn’t going to end well.

Casa de Campo

A great day with a lot of photos to choose from!

Barcelona’s poppies

Feverish photos

The real Red Wedding

Of dust and blood and other such things

TapaTime in Catalunya

As a break from all the wine tasting we stopped in a bar and had some wine.


A strange and unique tradition in Piornal

The dam

When we went to the Valle del Jerte, we also stopped to check out this dam.

Madreat – a photostory

A good day out!

Valle del Jerte

A day away from Madrid, diving though cherry blossoms!

The wolf fountain of Piornal

A mysterious fountain in the highest village of Extremadura


A beautiful Spanish secret… but Murcia is much better (wink wink)

Spaghetti Weekend

One day in the far far west. In the south of Spain.

Bodegas Torres

An eye-opening experience