Dinner in Cuenca

I had to go to Cuenca for a week. For work.

The only other time I had been there was two years ago (or was it three?) for a day trip. It was March, and it snowed quite a lot so we didn’t manage to take in much about the city…I only remember the warm cocido (a typical stew they make in Spain) at the restaurant 😉

This time, I worked from 9:00 to 18:30 every day and only once managed to visit the city. A post on that will be coming to this website next week. What I wanted to write about today was a delicate, decadent dinner I had at my friend’s house. He’s an extremely sweet Londoner who I used to work with and commute with when he lived in Madrid; now he’s moved to Cuenca, and one evening we met up.

In the tiny, windowless kitchen of his small flat with Oreo, a gorgeous podenco mix, looking at us with puppy eyes from the door, he made a spectacular dinner for two. Everything was homemade and you could taste the passion for cooking in every bite.

We had dinner on the balcony. It was Cuenca’s first day of Autumn, and this is what it looked like:

cuenca view spain
The view of Cuenca from the balcony, before we started eating
homemade hummus
Creamy homemade hummus, surprisingly good even though it hadn’t been made with tajine
podenco cuenca perro dog rescue adopt
Oreo, begging for something, anything!, during the preparations
lamb lentil soup cuenca dinner
Our dinner, all in one plate: basmati rice, roasted lamb and the most amazing turmeric lentil soup. Oh, and a bagel 🙂

The lentil soup with turmeric was really the best lentil soup I have ever ever eaten in my life.

tomato plant balcony cuenca
He also had a whole array of tomato plants growing in pots. At a certain point he called from the kitchen and asked me to pick some for the salad. I did. We ate them. There’s nothing better than that, is there?
Here we are, ready to roll!


cuenca view landscape
While we were eating, the sun peeked out from under the clouds. So beautiful!

I would definitely go back to that restaurant any day! Thank you 🙂

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