Madreat – a photostory

This weekend in Madrid there’s a food truck event called Madreat. After watching this film last week, we seriously couldn’t miss it!

(here’s the trailer. Because I loved it. BTW the soundtrack is *amazing*)

Actually, you know what? While you look at the photos, why don’t you listen to the soundtrack? Just click play, and enjoy 😉


This morning we went to the gardens in which the trucks were set up. There were very few people when we arrived at 12:00, which was great because we managed to grab a vermut and start an exploratory tour, chatting to some hosts (some of whom gave us freebies, yay them!), and then start eating. First up, the best Vermut in Madrid. Immediately after, the chusco cubano from the film. We had to.


The vermut, with a tiny little bit of soda water. Loved it. The best in Madrid? Maybe.

DSC_9455 copy copy


My cuban sandwich. The cheese should have been a bit more melted (I’m an expert now, I saw the film) but the tastes worked great together. Thank you Cuban expats in Miami!


Some stands

DSC_9455 copy copy copy

DSC_9455 copy


The Venezuelan stand. Good but pricey. Oh, the corn bread was YUMMY!


One of the most vintage trucks

DSC_9532 copy


However, its burro-queso (we pondered: was it “burro”=butter in Italian? Or was it “burro”=donkey in Spanish? Turns out it was none of them, but was “burro” from “burrito”. Whatevs!) with goat cheese and apple chutney was mediocre at best and we saw the “cheese platter”: TINY!

DSC_9594 copy copy

The Italian stand with piadina (didn’t try it. I know how critical I am and would have been disappointed for sure), Spritz (of course. It’s everywhere now) and fragolino, which was both a surprise and good.

DSC_9596 copy 2 copy copy

The posh stand, that gave us a gourmet snack and free popcorn! I suspect the popcorn was cooked in lard but didn’t have the chance to ask…


The prettiest truck – it offered crepes that we didn’t taste.

DSC_9596 copy


Spicy food stand!

DSC_9546 copy copy copy

More spicy food!!

DSC_9565 cc

DSC_9577 copy

I appreciated the care the organisers took with setting up the grounds. The gardens were lovely and, unless you looked up, it didn’t even feel as if you were surrounded by extremely tall skyscrapers. There were bins every ten steps (really!) and everything was clean and festive.

DSC_9454 copy

Important truck.

DSC_9579 copy

I didn’t taste any of these, but they were so pretty I couldn’t not take a photo 🙂

DSC_9455 copy cc copy

There were very, very few people when we arrived. When we left, however, people were starting to stream in and there were 15/20min queues for nearly all the trucks.

DSC_9665 copy


We had fun! If you’re in Madrid you should definitely go!




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