Eggs ‘n mushrooms

The other day boyfriend had other plans for lunch, so when I saw this amazing package of mushrooms I thought AHA! (he doesn’t like mushrooms, you see, and I do. But since I don’t want to start cooking different menus for the both of us, I’ve practically eliminated them from my diet). This mushroom in Italian is called pioppino, which comes from pioppo, which is the poplar tree (Populus sp.) on which these mushrooms tend to sprout. In English I believe, after a quick internet search, they’re called honey mushrooms. Along with chanterelle mushrooms (finferli, in Italian) are my favourite.

Off I happily go with my special treat and, once home, realise I have no splendid idea son what to do with them or how to eat them and, what’s worse, I don’t really feel like cooking after all. So taken by laziness and hunger, I scan the fridge and this is what comes out:

DSC_2666The mushrooms need a while to cook, get rid of the water and acquire some taste, so the first thing you do is grab a pan, pour in a few drops of oil and start heating it. Chop up the scallion – yes, I used scallion, basically because I had it but also beacuse I didn’t have garlic, which I would have preferred. But either are good, and sometimes both can be used 🙂 Mushrooms are garlic and scallion friendly!


You can start briefly rinsing the mushrooms – never soak them, just pass them under running water and then chop them up. I take away the bottom: not sure if it’s because I read somewhere that you should or only because I want t make sure all the planting substance (soil or whatnot) is completely gone and there’s no “sand” in my mouth later when I’m enjoying the dish!


Now when the oil is hot, pop in the scallion (or garlic, or both) and wait until it becomes a bit softer and golden.


Then add the mushrooms


While they’re cooking – it’ll take anywhere between 10 and 20mins, depending on how large the mushrooms are, how many they are and how big the pan is – tidy up. That’s what I like: a nice clean and tidy kitchen, even when I’m still cooking. And in a small kitchen such as ours, it’s not only nice but it’s necessary!

When the mushrooms are nearly done and they’re leaking out all their water, slice the mozzarella and fry the egg.

DSC_2680  DSC_2681

Immediately put the mozzarella on top – it’ll need a few minutes to cook and you don’t want your yolk overdone!


If you want the mozzarella to melt evenly, try putting a cover over the pan. A cover that actually fits the pan you’re using would be great but…


Et voilà! The egg is done! Add salt and pepper if you want, then check that the mushrooms are done, too (you can taste them or check their tenderness with a fork) and plate the two parts of your dish

Yep, they’re done!

And you’re ready to go! Possibly the dish with the least ingredients ever!


It was good ^_*

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