Rainbow veggies

I made this recipe once when I was thoroughly bored with food, after about a week of having to eat only boiled rice and boiled chicken and bread because I had been sick.

Needing something colourful but still stuck at home, I made this really easy but colourful side for some protein we were having, and then made a note of doing it again and taking photos this time for the blog.

Here they are!

Ah ehm:

Before the photos were taken, I chopped the vegetables – onion, carrot, zucchini – heated the pan with a little bit of oil and opened the can of corn. And took out a cup of frozen peas.

In sizzling oil I added the chopped onion and carrot and let them cook for about 5 minutes.
Then I added a bouillon cube (see how the onion has changed colour because of it?) and the zucchini. Cooked for another 5mins or so.
Then I added the corn, because I really need the corn to cook a bit and lose that “can”-flavour. So I cooked this all for another 3-5mins
I checked that the carrots were soft, then added the peas and cooked only for about 2mins – I like my peas practically raw!
taste for seasoning and…you’re done! A lovely lively colourful side that anyone can make and that will be appreciated by all foodies!






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